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August 9, 2017

3 Reasons to Get a New Toilet

Here at Rooter MD, we have been in the plumbing business since 1983 so we have seen the full evolution of toilets. Not only do new age toilets use less water, but they also leak less and tend to last longer. Making the upgrade is a no-brainer and we are going to tell you why»

Working Out the Kinks

When the low-flow toilets first hit ... Read More
August 8, 2017

The Three Biggest Air Conditioning Mistakes

Summer has been rolling along for almost two months now and we hope it has been a pleasant one for you and your family. Here at Rooter MD, we have been responding to service calls all throughout the Metro Detroit area and we see a lot of the same mistakes causing breakdowns. Here is a look at what we have found»

Ignoring Your A/C Filters

A dirty air ... Read More
August 3, 2017

3 Plumbing Things to Inspect In a New Home

Plumbing inspections, home inspections, renovations and negotiations are all part of the home buying process. It can be nerve wracking and frustrating when things don’t go how you’d like, but it is always better to be safe than sorry! We can provide you that peace of mind if you are buying a home in the Metro Detroit area»

Main Sewer The main sewer is a vital area to inspect before you buy ... Read More
July 31, 2017

Why Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Your air conditioning has been running smoothly up to this point in the Summer and you see no problems worth fixing. This is great news and in most cases you will likely not need any maintenance. But if you have a central air conditioning unit that brings air into your home through ducts (which it most likely does), you can’t ignore the threat that lies behind the sheet metal. Keep reading to learn ... Read More
July 18, 2017

4 Signs You Don’t Have Enough Refrigerant In Your A/C

A/C problems are common for this time of year and refrigerant is often a contributing factor. When you have lower levels of refrigerant, it causes other components of your air conditioner to work harder and eventually break down. Don’t let this chain reaction wreak havoc on your air conditioner and ruin a perfectly good summer day. Here are some things that might tip you off to a refrigerant problem»

Longer Cool Off Periods Read More
July 14, 2017

What Is Causing My Drain to Become Clogged?

Is slow draining water starting to concern you going into a party or event? We must warn you that strange noises and slow moving water are tell tale signs that you will soon have a complete blockage. But what did you do that put you in this unfortunate situation? It could have been any one of the following»

Hair Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the shower and ... Read More
July 12, 2017

Leaving Livonia? Make Sure You Prepare Your Home

Livonia is a beautiful place to live and raise a family, but everyone needs to get away every once in awhile. Whether you are headed to the upper peninsula or to the coast, you need to prepare your home for your absence. Here are some things to take off your plumbing and HVAC checklist»

Turn Up the Thermostat Running your air conditioner makes up about half of your summer energy ... Read More
July 10, 2017

Choose Rooter For Your Air Conditioner Installations

You can try and utilize your DIY skills for air conditioner repairs, but installations are always better left in the hands of a professional. We have been at this for over thirty years and we have helped thousands of clients just like you! Here is why you should choose Rooter MD for your air conditioner installations»

Not All A/C Systems Are the Same Air conditioning systems are not all made ... Read More
July 6, 2017

Men and Women Feel Air Conditioning Differently

Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar… You’re in your Metro Detroit area office and you notice something funny. All of the men are in polos or light shirts and the women are in blouses or sweatshirts. Why is that? Why do women seem to always be feeling air conditioning different than men? Your answer is waiting for you»

It’s All Natural It’s unfortunate, but women are really just naturally ... Read More
June 28, 2017

Rooter MD Trivia Blog

It is Trivia Thursday and we are very excited to reveal the answers to our questions. If you go a perfect four for four here, we want you to come and down and apply for a job. You must be an avid reader of our blog»

Question #1: When Was Rooter MD Founded and By Who? Rooter MD has been proudly serving the Livonia community since 1981! When Founder/Owner Pete Wood saw ... Read More