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3 Ways to Service Your Own Air Conditioner

air conditioning- AC Service
May 8, 2017

Your air conditioner is dusting itself off and starting to prepare for yet another cooling season. He/she is going to get their coils washed, get their bolts tightened and they can even put themselves in the window for you. Just kidding, just kidding, this is going to be your job! Here is what you need to know»

air conditioning- AC Service



  • The first thing you have to do before cleaning an air conditioner is make sure the power is OFF!
  • You should check the copper piping that is connecting the unit to power. If it is hot, there is likely a dirty filter or dirty coils causing it to overheat.
  • Find the screws that are holding down the face plate on your unit and unscrew them. You should now see what looks like a radiator– those are your condenser coils.
  • Use a soft cloth or brush and clean the coils of dust and debris.
  • Once this is done, take the unit outside and blast the fins with the hose to remove any excess particles.

Check Functionality

  • Check the thermostat first. Make sure it is reading the temperature you want it to. 72°F is optimal for energy savings.
  • If you hear a knocking or screeching sound, the blower belt in your unit might need to be lubricated. It’s probably best to call a technician if you don’t have prior experience.
  • Take a thermometer and go into each room of your home to make sure the temperature is similar or exactly the same as the thermostat temperature.
  • A large gap means you are losing cool air because of poor air sealing.

Rooter MD Maintenance

  • For over 30 years, the Rooter MD team has been servicing air conditioners in the Livonia area and we have learned a thing or two over the years.
  • Maintenance is going to increase the efficiency of your unit and help extend it’s lifespan.
  • We recommend maintenance to all of our customers and we are currently offering a $99 Air Conditioning Tune-Up Special!

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