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How to Install Your Window Air Conditioner

air conditioner installation- air conditioner repair
May 16, 2017

June is approaching quickly and for a lot of people, that is the official start of Summer. If you have not already upgraded to central air conditioning, you probably still use window air conditioner to cool the individual rooms of your home. If this is your current situation, here are some tips to help you perform a quick install this weekend»

air conditioner installation- air conditioner repair


You’re probably not going to open or close this window for a few months so you should take your time giving it a thorough clean. After that, take a few minutes to clear yourself a path to the window and leave no hazards in your path. You want to be sure to leave yourself plenty of room because you’re not going to have the ability to move things with a 200 pound air conditioner in your hands.

Step 1
With the bottom window up as far as it can go, insert the air conditioner and make sure it is secure before you let go. You want to make sure the air conditioner is resting against the top flange before you move onto the next step.

Step 2
To ensure stability, drill two screws through the upper flange of the air conditioner into the sash of the window. Use smaller bits so you don’t risk splitting the wood on your window.

Step 3
Expand your air conditioner curtains so they are now covering the rest of the empty spaces in your window. These curtains are going to do a decent job locking in cold air, but insulation would be better. You should consider buying foam insulation to secure and lock down your unit.

Step 4
The gap that lies between the frame of the lower sash and the window on the upper sash needs to be filled. Cut some of the excess foam insulation from earlier and stuff it in the gap.

Step 5
Plug the air conditioner in and let it run on high for a few seconds to burn out some of the buildup from the winter. You should open another window in the room while you do this to get rid of that musty air.

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