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4 Common Air Conditioner Problems You Can Easily Fix

DIY Repair- Air conditioning maintenance
May 23, 2017

We know you’re busy with all of your Spring activities, but cooling preparation needs to make it’s way onto your to-do list. The weather isn’t brutally hot yet, and you don’t want to wait for your air conditioner to fail on a hot day when you have no other alternatives. If you do experience any of the following issues throughout the warmer months, we’ve got you covered with these simple and easy tips»

DIY Repair- Air conditioning maintenance


Improper Operation
Maintenance is so critical when it comes to any kind of mechanical equipment, but it’s especially important for air conditioners and furnaces. Your cooling unit has a finite amount of energy to help it cool, and you need to conserve that energy and keep it running properly for as long as possible. Make sure you are doing the following things to help it perform optimally:

  • Change filters every 60-90 days
  • Seal cracks around windows and doors to prevent draft
  • Reinforce attic insulation
  • Clean condenser coils before every season

Refrigerant Leaks
Your air conditioner manufacturer is going to specify their refrigerant requirements in your owner’s manual when you first purchase the unit. If the unit was simply undercharged from the start, that is a fairly simple fix if you know where to buy the proper refrigerant. Now if the air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, that is a completely different story. You should have a trained Rooter MD technician come in and fix that issue for you.  

Strange Noises
Strange buzzing or banging noises inside of an air conditioner are usually an indication for improper maintenance. Either the unit isn’t draining properly, or the filter is clogged and the air is having trouble passing through it. Try changing the filter if this issue persists and see if that solves the noises. If that doesn’t work, take the front plate off the unit  

Drainage Issues
Excess humidity can cause your unit to back up with condensation and draining all that excess moisture can become difficult for your unit. This becomes particularly annoying with window units because they tend to sit on an angle where water gathers near the back end of the unit. Try leveling your window air conditioner off and if you aren’t successful, remove it once or twice over the summer to drain it properly.

Here at Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating, we want to remind you that we are not just an ordinary plumbing and heating service. Our technicians work all year round to make sure you are comfortable in your own home and that includes cooling season.

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