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Common Spring & Summer Plumbing Issues

plumbing problems- summer preparation
June 5, 2017

We stressed cracked pipes and broken water heaters to you all winter long because those are issues we see frequently during that time of year. Now the weather is warming up and there is a whole other list of issues to be ready for. We outline them for you here»

plumbing problems- summer preparation


Leaks and Wasted Water
Throughout the summer months, water usage is most prominent. You are watering your lawn, filling your pool and you’re also home more often during this time so plumbing certainly takes a beating. If you self inspect your plumbing monthly, you might want to start doing it bi-weekly during the summer months. A leak during this time of year can be much more costly.

Water Heater Overkill
During the cold winter, people tend to set their water heaters between 120-130°F. In the summer, the heater really only needs to be between 110-120°F because of the warmer air. Turning it down will help prolong the units lifespan and reduce costs to help you pay the cooling bill.

Sewer Blockages
This Spring certainly brought in its fair share of precipitation and we need to be prepared for more sewer blockages this Summer. With more moisture and precipitation running through sewer lines, comes more reason for tree roots to infiltrate. They love the nutrients that sewers provide and we are all expecting a busy season following the rains we saw this year.

Sump Pump Failure
Sump pumps help prevent foundational water damage during big Summer storms. We are not a coastal city, but Livonia can certainly experience flooding if the storm is powerful enough. Make sure you have your sump pump inspected before the Summer so you know it is ready to go when a storm arrives. The time is now!

Here at Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating, we keep you comfortable in your home during all four seasons! If you want to truly be ready for the Summer, you need that summer bod and a boost in your plumbing and cooling equipment.

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