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Drain Scoping

Recently, there has been a high demand for drain scoping in homes and businesses. With drain scoping, we take a small device with a camera and put it down your drain. This helps the professionals at Rooter MD Plumbing find what is clogging your pipes and how to get it out. When we do drain scoping at Rooter MD Plumbing, it’s a three-step process: finding the problem, showing the progress and surveying the results.

Finding the Problem

Sometimes, a clogged drain can be worse than you think. It’s difficult to assess the situation if you cannot see inside the pipe. Without drain scoping, a clogged pipe can be inaccurately treated, causing for even larger problems. Sometimes, a problem can be too big for a simple solution as hydro jetting. Our professionals at Rooter MD can use our high tech drain scope to accurately find the problem in your drains. In turn, this will save you money in the future by not overlooking problems that can worsen within time.

Showing the Progress

The tricky aspect of drain cleaning is the customer can be unaware of the work being done to their drains. At RooterMD Plumbing, we use our drain scoping technology to show the customer what is being done to their pipes during the repair. We can show you the before and after of your pipe clogs. At RooterMD Plumbing, we make you feel comfortable and secure with the job we’re doing.

Surveying the Results

After the job is finished, your RooterMD Plumbing specialist can show you your clean pipes through our drain scoping technology. With this, you can compare how your drains looked before and after the cleaning.

For the best results in drain scoping, see the specialists at RooterMD Plumbing. We offer many services to take care of your drain problems. Call the specialists today at 248-850-2061!