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  • We have plumbing snakes of all sizes and for every application to clear even the most stubborn case of Pain in the drain. We work on every type of drain in your home including:
    • -Kitchen Drains
    • -Bathroom Drains
    • -Tub Drains
    • -Laundry Drains
    • -Main Drains
    • -Rain Water Drains
    • -And even Sewer Line Drains
This deal expired on October 30, 2013
  • OUR PRICE $149.00
  • YOU SAVE 34.93%

Every day you count on your drains to remove unwanted wastewater but when you suffer from P.I.T.D (or PAIN in the drain syndrome) your drains refuse to cooperate.  Symptoms include sluggish or slow flow, partial or full blockage, a wide range of funny noises and possibly the lingering scent of unpleasant odors.  You may also encounter the presence of sludge, grease build-up, dirt, hair follicles and or that toothpaste cap you dropped down the drain years ago…

You may have already tried using a plunger, gels, liquid drain cleaners, chemicals, a set of plumbing pliers and a bucket you borrowed from your neighbor to attempt and cure PITD yourself.  Call RooterMD today or click on get deal above to get your drain cleared for only $149.00.  If we are not able to clear your drain the service is free.

Fortunately there’s our Same Day Rooter Service.  We’ll send out a fully trained and experienced plumbing specialist with a truck full of parts and the heavy duty drain cleaning equipment needed to cure Pain In The Drain once and for all and now for only $149.00.

So what are you waiting for?  We’re open 24 hours each day and 7 days every week. A plumbing specialist is standing by. Give us a call and take advantage of our online special and get the relief you’ve been waiting for.

Side affects include a clog-free guarantee and a complimentary video inspection.  Ask your plumbing technician for details.