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Results of Drain Scoping

Here at Rooter MD Plumbing in Michigan, we understand that the customer wants to see the results of the work we did. Most plumbing services leave without showing you what your drain looks like. So how can you be sure that they did a job on your pipes?

Seeing the Finished Result with Drain Scoping

At Rooter MD Plumbing we don’t use our drain scope just to find the problem. We also use our drain scoping technology to show you the problem, the progress we made with our cleaning, and the finished results. Our specialists will show you your clean pipes with our high tech drain scope.

If Rooter MD did more than clean your pipes but instead performed a cured-in-place pipe application we can show the finished work of this job. We can show that the broken pipe is fixed and ready to be used again. Not only does this let use see the work that we did but lets you rest assured that the job is done and was done correctly.

Drain Scoping the Before and After

At Rooter MD, we also show you the difference a clean drain makes versus a clogged one. We show you what your pipes looked like before the cleaning and compare it to how your pipes look after. You will be able to see that all of the obstructions have been removed or that the pipe has been fixed. Just another thing our professionals at Rooter MD Plumbing do for our customers.

For the best drain scoping professionals in Michigan, see the experts at Rooter MD Plumbing. At Rooter MD, we offer services to take care of all of your plumbing needs. Call the specialists today at (248) 850-2061.