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Trenchless Pipe Bursting Repair in Livonia

Pipe Bursting

Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating can replace impaired or broken pipes without extensive trenching and digging. Our pipe bursting technology will lay brand new piping in place of your broken or damaged piping without disrupting the landscape, driveway, or foundation of your home.

We use a hydraulic machine that follows the damaged sewer line and pulls a brand new properly-sized replacement pipe through the old path. The existing damaged pipe is broken up simultaneously as the new pipe is laid making the trenchless broken pipe repair to your Michigan property quick and effective.

Pipe Bursting solutions for Damaged Pipe

  • Impaired pipes broken pipes, collapsed pipes, offset pipes, and damaged pipes resulting from soil movement or frozen underground conditions
  • Blocked Pipe Flow clogged pipes, clogged drains, grease buildup, sludge buildup restricting flow and proper pipe drainage
  • Pipe corrosion galvanized steel pipes or other metal pipes that have deteriorated over time and require replacement or epoxy pipe relining
  • Leaky Pipe joints water escapes the pipe through breaches in the joints and connective assembly
  • Root infiltration tree roots and other underground growth penetrate the drainage pipes and causes blockages or leaks
  • Improper pipe materials Orangeburg pipe or bituminous fiber piping is a commonly malfunctioning material in sewer lines and throughout older homes that frequently requires replacement or cured-in-place epoxy pipe relining