AC Installation in Livonia & the Surrounding Detroit Metro Area

You can trust Rooter MD Plumbing LLC for an efficient and reliable AC installation in your Livonia home.

At Rooter MD Plumbing LLC, our AC professionals have all the experience and certifications we need to deliver you any AC installation needed for your home or office in the Livonia area. Our AC technicians specialize in installing AC systems in residential and commercial properties to make the hot and humid summers in Michigan not just bearable, but pleasantly cool and enjoyable.

Enter the cooling season prepared with our AC Maintenance service.

Features of our AC Installation

We know how hot summers can get in these parts, so our AC experts are eager to bring you relief from the heat with AC installation services in Livonia and Farmington Hills. The chief features of our AC installation services are:

  • • Professional knowledge of how to install all popular brand name, energy-efficient AC systems
  • • Price estimates that will be equal to your final, bottom line
  • • Licensed technicians with advice and suggestions on not only the best approach to install your new AC unit, but how to maintain it properly moving forward

How Do I Select a New Air Conditioner?

Today, there are plenty of air conditioning systems on the market from which to choose. Choosing the right unit for your home requires you to get the size right. A bigger system isn’t always better; what matters more is performance and efficiency.

Before investing in a new AC, you should ensure the system is sized properly to meet your needs and budget. You can draw on the experience and knowledge of your HVAC contractor to help you decide on a system that best suits your specific needs.

The climate, size and age of your home, utility rebate/incentive programs, local and regional utility costs as well as the number of rooms in your home are all factors that will affect functionality, and therefore, selection of your system.

Your HVAC specialist will consider all these factors and utilize the latest technology to help you in choosing the best system for your home.

If you’re looking to replace your AC, choose one with equal or higher efficiency ratings than your previous system. Replacing a 10 to 15-year-old system, for example, may reduce your electricity or natural gas costs by 30 to 50%.

When you call Rooter MD Plumbing LLC for installation, we can determine the initial cost, operating cost, maintenance options, and warranty protection among other crucial details.

Signs Of a Malfunctioning AC

Air conditioner failure doesn’t always have to be a surprise when it happens. Knowing the signs that your unit is on its last leg can save you loads of money and headaches.

Start by thinking about the age of your equipment. A typical AC will last about 10 years; if your unit is older, have it inspected by a service technician for any potential problems.

Next, consider whether your AC is working as efficiently as it should. If the unit is running and your house is not cool, it could be a sign of:

  • • A clogged air filter
  • • Low freon levels
  • • A clogged return duct
  • • Compressor failure

Check the AC, both inside and outside the house. Touch the copper line of the condenser and if it’s warm, that indicates a lack of Freon or compressor failure. Alternatively, check whether there is a layer of ice or frost on the pipes leading to the outdoor condenser, which could point to blockage in the main air supply duct or low Freon levels. Both situations require a professional to fix.

The presence of any oil spatters or spray on the AC’s components indicate that a major seal gasket has blown, causing Freon to leak. Don’t leave this issue unresolved as it can lead to further damage to the compressor.

Last, consider your utility bills. If they’ve risen dramatically or your unit is making strange noises, have a professional give your unit a thorough checkup.

Benefits of our AC Installation Services

In Livonia, our AC professionals at Rooter MD Plumbing LLC are excited to re-energize your home or office with a brand new air conditioning system. We know that you’ll enjoy the following benefits when we’re done:

  • • An effective and efficient AC system that will keep you, your family and your employees cool for a long, long time
  • • Save money and energy so the environment, and your bank account, are happy
  • • Less worry about the general comfort of your family and employees at home and at work
  • • Superb indoor air quality with a healthy breathing environment.

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