Why Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Your air conditioning has been running smoothly up to this point in the Summer and you see no problems worth fixing. This is great news and in most cases you will likely not need any maintenance. But if you have a central air conditioning unit that brings air into your home through ducts (which it most likely does), you can’t ignore the threat that lies behind the sheet metal. Keep reading to learn more:

Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts are the courier’s for air in your home and if the transportation is dirty, the air will be too. Some companies will try to sell you on the fact that your ducts are dirty just to make a quick buck, but not here at Rooter MD Plumbing LLC! We will inspect your system and let you know if it is worth having a cleaning. A cleaning is necessary when:

1. A member of your family is vulnerable to allergy attacks and is sensitive to dust and pollen.

2. If mold or mildew are clinging to the inner surface of your air ducts.

3. Many areas of your cooling system will be invisible to you. It is worth it to have a professional inspection because these things could be threatening your air quality without your knowledge.

4. If you have insulation within your air ducts, that insulation can easily get wet or moldy due to condensation. If you’re not regularly changing out the insulation, that mold and mildew can sit in your system and pose a dangerous threat.

5. Cleaning ducts can increase efficiency the same way that cleaning your filters would.

6. Allowing the air a clearer path to reach your rooms will have the system working less hard to bring your home to the desired temperature.

Rooter MD Plumbing LLC is a licensed HVAC contractor with the ability to handle any HVAC job no matter the size. We are all over the Metro Detroit area and we want to help you get through the last 50 days of Summer. We all know that they can sometimes be the most difficult.

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