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Natural gas is a colorless, odorless fume that many Livonia, MI homeowners use as a primary energy source. Many household appliances including the furnace and water heater are often run with gas. As far as energy sources go, gas is safe and efficient, however, the one risk lies with gas leaks.

Rooter MD Plumbing LLC offers fast and complete gas line leak detection services. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, trust our 24-hour plumbers to find the problem and offer an effective solution. Our gas line cures will keep your family safe and make sure your gas appliances are working efficiently.

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Signs of a Gas Leak

Homeowners who use gas as their primary energy source should make themselves familiar with the signs of a gas leak. Knowing what to look for could save your life. Some of the most common signs that you need gas pipe leak repair include:

Hissing Sounds: A rip or tear in the gas line will cause the gas to siphon out, resulting in an audible hissing sound. Watch out for this sound in areas where the gas line is exposed to the open, for example, near the back of your gas appliances.

Rotten Eggs: Gas is odorless, which makes it hard to detect. Gas companies put an additive in it to give it a sulfuric smell that strongly resembles rotten eggs. If you smell this in your home, you probably have a gas leak.

Brown Grass: A gas leak underground will cause all the vegetation and grass above to die and turn brown. Noticing patches of brown grass in the general area of your gas line is a surefire sign of a leak.

Professional Gas Leak Detection Process

Gas line leaks are caused by wear, corrosion or damage to your gas line pipes. Issues with equipment or appliances that use gas can also result in gas leaks. Finding and correcting these leaks can save you considerable cash and disastrous results such as illness or property damage. Here’s what you can expect from a professional leak detection.

  • Expert gas line inspection technicians will arrive with state of the art gas leak detection tools and equipment to check for leaks in your gas lines.
  • Technicians will carry out a gas leak survey in and around your premises as well as underground, including all the gas lines from your gas meter to your appliances. They may focus on areas where gas tends to collect, including around gas appliances, in the joists under your roof, and the crawl space or basement.
  • The experts will also inspect your gas lines and connections for atmospheric corrosion and proper grounding.
  • Once they find a gas leak, they provide you with specific recommendations and next steps. Typical solutions may include repair or replacement of one or more of your gas lines.
  • Sometimes, technicians find gas leaks that you may not be aware of, which makes it critical to schedule regular gas leak inspections.

If you have propane or natural gas in your premises, a professional leak detection test can help you identify areas where your gas pipes and connections need repair or replacement.

What Causes a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks come with several negative possibilities. It’s crucial, therefore, to identify some of the most common causes of gas leaks and make sure they’re fixed immediately.

  • Household appliances: Chances are you have an appliance such as a fireplace, dryer or water heater that uses propane or natural gas to generate heat. Over time, the seals that hold and connect the piping of these appliances can corrode or wear out. Once these pipes corrode or wear out, gas can easily leak into your home.
  • Poor piping: Gas comes into your home through a maze of piping that criss-crosses under your home to connect appliances to the source. This piping can sometimes wear out and become faulty or even disconnect, allowing gas to seep into your home.
  • Poor ventilation: Along with propane and natural gas, carbon dioxide can leak into your premises because of poor ventilation or malfunctioning exhaust fans. Your heating system, for example, can generate carbon dioxide but is able to eliminate it with a chimney or an exhaust fan. However, if the chimney or exhaust fan gets clogged, carbon dioxide can fill up inside your home. Be sure to monitor carbon dioxide levels frequently.

Gas leaks are serious and they must be fixed as soon as possible. Should you suspect a gas leak, contact the certified plumbers at Rooter MD Plumbing LLC to find the leak and fix it on the spot.

How to Handle a Gas Leak Like an Expert

Although gas is toxic to humans and animals, panicking during a leak won’t get you anywhere. As soon as you notice any of the signs of a gas line leak, take these steps to handle the issue like a pro:

  • Call the gas company and let them know what is happening so they can shut off your main gas line.
  • Call a trusted gas line contractor like Rooter MD Plumbing LLC.
  • While you wait for us to arrive, make sure all the gas appliances are turned off.
  • Open all the windows in your home to air things out.
  • Evacuate your home and make sure the car is parked safely at a distance.
  • However, don’t attempt to move the car if it is too close.
  • If anyone in your family is feeling dizzy or nauseous, bring them to a doctor right away.

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