Hydrojetting in Livonia

Safe hydrojetting services for Livonia, MI homeowners.

Have you ever experienced a clogged drain so bad that not even traditional drain cleaning methods can get rid of it? Are you drains blocked with years of hardened debris and grease? Sometimes, we need something a little more powerful to deal with stubborn and recurring clogged drains in the home.

Hydro jetting services are used in cases where traditional drain cleaning is simply not powerful enough. At Rooter MD Plumbing LLC, we offer this safe and effective service to make sure our Livonia, MI customers always have smooth, fast-running drains and sewers.

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What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a service used to blast through stubborn clogs and hardened debris in the drains and pipes. It’s different than other drain cleaning methods because it uses a powerful jet of reverse-action water. The water jets can reach anywhere from 7,000 PSI to 60,000 PSI depending on the unique needs of the pipe. Because of the extreme pressure, hydro jetting technicians must inspect the pipes before offering this service to make sure they can handle it.

Why is Hydro Jetting Useful?

Hydro jetting is hands down, the best way to remove hardened grease and debris from the pipes. Since it only uses water to dislodge clogs, it is a very low-risk procedure that many homeowners can benefit from. Some of the most useful features of hydro jetting include:

Removing Stubborn Clogs:
When traditional drain cleaning methods are no longer sufficient, we turn to hydro jetting to blast through stubborn clogs. The water jet breaks up particles and washes them out of the system.

Preventing Future Clogs: Hydro jetting also smooths out the inner texture of the pipe wall, which will prevent future clogs before they get a chance to form. Debris won’t have a porous texture to cling to and it will be easier to keep the pipes clean. This also helps improve the longevity of your pipes.

Cleaning Sewer Lines:
At the moment, there is no other safe way to remove roots and debris from a sewer line. Hydro jetting is the only option for cleaning your sewers.

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Get rid of stubborn and recurring clogs for good with professional hydro jetting services. For more information and to schedule your next hydro jetting appointment in Livonia, MI, call 248-888-7777 today.