Livonia Repiping Services

Affordable repiping services in Livonia.

Repiping is often considered a huge undertaking with a lot of work involved and prices to match. But for Rooter MD Plumbing LLC customers, the process is easy and affordable. Our experienced team has 36 years of repiping experience in the industry, making us the most trusted source for repipe services in Livonia, MI. From start to finish, our respectable plumbing technicians make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of our service. We provide consistently high-quality service that is lasting and permanent. Our repipe solutions will help you add value to your home and save money in the future.

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Signs You Need to Repipe

There is a fine line between needing to repipe your home and being able to solve a minor problem with a simple repair. For example, minor leaks are often best suited to simple patches or small water leak repairs. However, there are many instances when repiping is by far the better option. Some signs you should definitely repipe your home include:

  • • Noticing a change in the color or smell of your water.
  • • Experiencing frequent water leaks.
  • • Noticing a sudden spike in your water bill.
  • • If the pipes are old and made from an outdated material such as lead.

Was your home built before the 1960s? There's a good chance your home's piping system used Orangeburg pipe or galvanized steel pipes. While Orangeburg and galvanized steel piping was in its day top of the line, these materials are no longer used and should be replaced in order to protect the health and wellbeing of you and your family. 

PEX vs. Copper: The Great Debate

There are two piping materials used in homes today during a repipe service. Both PEX and copper offer significant benefits and exceptional features. For example, both materials work to remove any metallic taste from the water. However, they do have some striking differences that you should consider before committing to repipe services. Some of the most significant differences include: PEX: Made from a flexible material, PEX is inexpensive and easy to install. It is resistant to acidic substances and less likely to freeze in the winter. However, it cannot be directly connected to a water heater and it is damaged by UV light, so you cannot use it in spaces where it will be exposed to the outdoors. Copper: This has been the mainstay for many years. Copper is sturdy and durable, lasting many years longer than PEX. The joints will not sag over time and you can use the pipes in a variety of spaces. The one downside is that the upfront cost to install it is more expensive than PEX.

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