Sump Pump Services in Livonia

Thorough Livonia, MI sump pump services.

If you live in Livonia, MI and your home has a cellar or basement, chances are, you already have a sump pump keeping the space dry. These units are a helpful device for many homeowners in the area. Make sure your sump pump is working fine with professional sump pump repair and installation services by Rooter MD Plumbing LLC.

Our trained and experienced technicians work with Master Plumber, Peter J. Wood to provide exceptional sump pump solutions that fit your budget and go above and beyond your expectations.

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How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Sump pumps are necessary for homes in low-lying areas or places that receive a lot of precipitation with limited draining. Areas with a high water table also benefit from a sump pump.

The unit consists of several parts, starting with a central tank typically located in your basement or cellar. A series of french drains siphon water from around the foundation of your home into the tank. Once the water in the tank reaches a certain level, a motor will trigger and the water will be pumped away from your home.

What Type of Sump Pump to Choose?

Sump pump contractors work with two main types of sump pumps. They are both beneficial in their own unique way, making them ideal for certain types of homeowners. If you are considering a sump pump installation, take a look at some of the main differences between the two types of pumps:

Submersible Unit

  • The motor for the pump is located inside the water tank and can be safely submerged in water.
  • More durable and longer-lasting than other types of pumps.
  • Better suited for homes that will rely on the pump for continued regular support.

Pedestal Pump

  • As the name suggests, the motor for the pump sits on top of a pedestal and cannot be submerged in water.
  • Better suited for homeowners who only need the pump for emergencies.

With both types of pumps, it’s important to make sure you have a battery backup. That way, if the power goes out, you can still rely on the unit to move water away from your property.

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