Trenchless Sewer Services in Livonia

Time-saving trenchless sewer services in Livonia, MI.

Are you feeling stressed dealing with a sewer line disruption or rupture? Are you dealing with a time crunch or looking to get the best value for the service? A trenchless sewer pipe repair could be the answer you are looking for.

At Rooter MD Plumbing LLC, we work with homeowners in Livonia, MI when they are experiencing sewer line problems. Our trenchless sewer line repair services are fast, easy, non-invasive, and affordable. We specialize in these types of repairs for your convenience.

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Types of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

There are many different trenchless repair methods that are beneficial for homeowners in different situations. The two most popular services are pipe relining and pipe bursting. These specialized services require a trained and experienced eye, which is exactly what we have at Rooter MD Plumbing LLC. The main differences between these two services include:

Pipe Relining: Piping material is fed into the affected pipe. Once it is in place, we insert an inflatable bladder and curing agent. The bladder inflates the pipe material and cures it in place. Once the bladder is removed, you are left with a new pipe installed directly inside the old one.

Pipe Bursting: A cable attached to a powerful splitting wedge is inserted into the sewer line. As the cable is threaded through the line, the splitting wedge destroys the old pipe and lays new pipe in its place.

What are the Benefits of a Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

There are many reasons why a homeowner would choose a trenchless sewer pipe repair. Between the cost, time management, and other features, a trenchless repair is a great option for many sewer line services. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • You will save money on the repair since no digging or trenching are needed prior to the service.
  • The repair will also be faster because we are able to eliminate the need for digging.
  • A trenchless repair is ideal in situations where the sewer line is difficult to reach by digging. For example, sewer lines located under parking lots or buildings.
  • By not digging, we are also able to preserve your property, reducing damage in your yard.

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Save time and money on your next sewer line service with a trenchless sewer pipe repair. To find out if your home is a good candidate for trenchless services, call 248-888-7777 and speak with our Livonia, MI trenchless sewer repair experts.