Easily Automate Your Shower Plumbing

Smart homes are the way of the future if all of the latest information is anything to go off of! “Smart homes” are becoming the new norm as more and more individuals choose to invest in these fully automated systems that let them control everything from their lighting to their home security system from an app on their phone.

Because of the acute control these systems give you, you’ll be able to set your home to be incredibly efficient in the way it spends energy, meaning you’ll only be paying for the energy you actually use. However, finding the right bathroom plumbing system for your home is difficult, and even finding basic information can be a daunting task.

As my family was preparing to step into the future through a smart home investment, we were overwhelmed to the point where we had to simply take a break from the computer because the information we were finding online was contradictory.

We chose instead to contact our trusted appliance vendors and get their personal knowledge and experiences with these systems. By doing this, we were able to understand the process of turning our home into a smart home.

What Exactly is a Smart Home?

smarthomeWhat we refer to as a “smart home” is actually a fully integrated automation system that connects all of the lighting, entertainment systems, appliances, and security systems to one single control unit.

Using this control unit, typically in the form of an app on your phone, you’re able to set exact energy usage, the times when certain appliances will be automatically turned on, and even the exact temperature of your showers.

These remote systems give you a way to maintain control over your energy spending even if you’re half a world away through a click on your phone.

Investing in a Digital Shower

prosconsA digital shower is one of the most common “smart appliances” that someone will purchase. These feats of innovation let you enjoy your time in the ultimate luxury and comfort.

Everything is set for you before you even step in. You can set the temperature, the water pressure, even set the temperature to fluctuate after a certain amount of time if you’d like it to get hotter or colder.

Because they’re such incredible tools, the upfront pricing is hefty and really requires you to find the right system for you. Some of the major brands you can choose from include Moen U, Kohler, and Gowe. While all digital showers aren’t made equal, you can expect some common benefits such as warranties, touchscreen and button options, energy efficiency, and sleek elegant designs.

But just like any system, there are setbacks with great advances. Some customers have mentioned unresponsive systems, corrosion with certain models, and of course, that major cost of install. Because of the size of this investment, it’s important to get the right amount of research to make sure the system you choose is the right one for your home.

The Ideal Shower Head For Your Home

showerheadCombining a digital shower head with your digital shower control system will give you an unrivaled experience each time you step into the shower.

Choose a shower head that’s ideal for you; from single heads with water purification to ones that allow even more nuanced temperature control, the options are limitless.

You’ll even be able to install multi-outlet shower heads that line the walls of your shower, giving you an unrivaled, clean, and refreshing experience that bathes you at every level. Rooter MD Plumbing LLC is your go-to source when you’re ready to make the investment.

We’ll help you choose the system for your budget that still retains the features you love. When we complete the install in your home, you can be sure we’ll get it done quickly and efficiently so you can begin enjoying your new shower. Let your friends in on the opportunity for innovation by sharing this article with them. Give them our number and we’ll make sure to treat them like family!

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