Find Out The Amazing Ways Plumbing Superheroes Bring Safe Water For All

It is an important job to bring safe drinking water for all because drinking contaminated water can lead to a serious illness and even death.

The fact that local plumber stand between you and a slew of fatal illnesses makes them superheroes in your community. They are your first line defense against all of the pathogens and toxins in dirty water that can kill you.

3 Ways Plumbing Superheroes Bring Safe Water for All

Here are several ways that plumbers deal with health issues due to unclean water.

Stomach Pain Sick1. One of the most important preemptive ways that plumbers prevent contaminated water from entering your home is to install a backflow system also known as a back siphoned system, in your main sewer pipe.

Backflow harms your family’s health when it meets with a surge of sewage, which creates a vacuum and has pure water mixing with sewage.

Of course, all sewage is riddled with pathogens including the viruses and bacteria that cause cholera, typhoid, HIV, SARS, dysentery, and botulism. Untreated sewer water also contains E. Coli, which causes severe diarrhea and vomit and can lead to kidney failure.

2. Plumbers can vanquish any pathogen in the water that enters your home through the use of a UV filter. Ultraviolet light works by altering the DNA of the pathogen in the water so that 99.99% of all harmful protozoa, viruses, and bacteria are destroyed.

Drinking Clean WaterThis type of water disinfection is very effective, easy to install and environmentally friendly. They can be expensive, but they pay for themselves because hundreds of gallons of water can be treated with no change to the taste or the odor of the water.

3. Your plumber may also opt to install carbon block filters in your pipes that work by reverse osmosis to filter your water.

These long thick filters make sure that no fibers or sediment get into your washing water or drinking glass. They are also good for filtering out heavy metals, such as lead, which can cause bleeding gums, hair loss, and permanent nerve damage and kidney failure.

How Water Conservation Can Aid Plumbers

Water ConservationThe first thing you should do to help your superhero plumber secure your water supply from pathogens to make sure that you have a state-of-the-art backflow system to prevent any sludge from mixing with your home’s water.

You should then also install the low-flow appliance and fixtures that your plumber recommends as this will also help to keep water levels low in your pipes and reduce the risk of both water contamination and flooding.

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