Emergency Heating Repair in Livonia

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Your heating system has a huge role to play in your home and it’s important that it’s working efficiently all year round. Even with routine servicing, emergencies can still occur. Here at Rooter MD Plumbing LLC in Livonia, MI, we have been handling heating emergencies for many years. We have helped residents as well as businesses in Livonia and surrounding areas to remedy some of the most critical heating problems.

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What Constitutes a Heating Emergency?

Here are a few reasons to call an emergency heating repair service rather than wait until regular business hours.

Your heater doesn’t turn on: If your heater doesn’t stay on, takes longer than usual to turn on or fails to start at all, several issues could be causing this problem. For example, there could be faulty wiring or the pilot light may not be working correctly. Be sure to contact a 24-hour heating service to prevent additional significant damage to the heater.
A family member’s health is at stake: Children, elderly family members and anyone in your premises who’s sick may be unable to endure a lengthy period without heat. Should your heater suddenly turn off or if you can’t get it to turn on, check to ensure the thermostat is set correctly and that the circuit didn’t flip. If you can’t find the source of the problem, seek emergency heating repair services immediately.
Your heater is making strange sounds: Heaters generally make some type of noise when running. However, if you notice unusual sounds such as whining, banging or groaning from your heater, you should contact a 24-hour heating contractor.

How Can You Prevent Future Heater Emergencies?

  • Keep tabs on your thermostat by setting it to optimal temperatures that you can live with throughout the day.
  • Stick to an annual comprehensive system check to detect errors and identify potential problems.
  • Replace old heating systems with a new one.
  • Invest in quality part replacements
  • Invest in proper system maintenance

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If you’re concerned about the safety of your heater, furnace, or boiler, your first step should be to deactivate it. Start by turning the thermostat setting to “off” then turn off the power, and if applicable, incoming oil or gas lines to the appliance. Next, call your emergency heating contractor to evaluate and fix your system as soon as possible.

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