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Honor Your Mom’s Wisdom on Mother’s Day


It’s that time of year again to be grateful to all the mothers who have made time to teach us how to survive in this world! Mother’s Day is a time to give thanks to the wonderful women in your life!

Every lesson, tip, trick, and chore that you were asked to do has prepared us to live the best life possible. A great number of us can look back and smile at all the things our mothers asked us to do. Whether it was a tip, a trick, a chore, or request; these things helped us build knowledge on how to be savvy adults.

If you start to categorize the things your mother told you to do, they would probably fall into only a few categories. One of those categories is going to be water. Whether you were asked to do the dishes, or told not to waste water, mothers do tend to have a preoccupation with H2o, and for good reason ... your plumbing system!

Is There a Spot on That Cup?

wipeglassHow many of us were asked to clean glassware after it was already clean? After the enormous effort of filling the dishwasher (and pressing start), the last thing you want to hear is that the juice glasses need to be rewashed!

Or what about those times when you were asked to clean cups that had been sitting on the shelf already clean? It’s not just dust that is accumulating on them; nor are the spots easily removed from cups straight out of the dishwasher.

More often than not, it’s hard water stains your mother was battling! As adults, we have all felt the struggle of hard water stains, but these days we have technology that helps keep those spots at bay. We should all give our mothers credit for the long hard battle they waged against the hard water opponent.

What Took You So Long in the Shower?

longshowerSomething else you probably heard all too often was the question of why you were in the shower so long? Showers that lasted 15 min or longer was a big no-no! At the time, this may have seemed unreasonable, but (as the old adage states) mother knows best!

Approximately 2 gallons of water go down the drain every minute that the faucet is running! Can you imagine the amount of water used (and wasted) during a 45-minute shower? Now that we have our own water bills to take care of, most people are quick to shut the faucet off!

Besides saving a considerable amount of money, keeping your water bill low also has some other perks. For example; the more you run your water, the faster your pipes will corrode. The minerals in your water build up in your pipes and can cause serious damage. Take your mother's advice, (if you have not already) and turn off the water! Not only does it help our community, but it will save your wallet.

Make Sure You Collect Water

collectwaterLooking back now, you might be seeing your mothers preoccupation with water in a different light. Whether they know it or not, mothers are the ultimate water conservationist!

I knew this to be 100% true when a friend of mine would always put buckets on her back porch before it was going to rain. Why?

All of the rainwater collected would be used to water her garden and indoor plants. It would also be the drinking water for her two rabbits, three cats, and her dog!

It was her mother who had done this and instilled in her the importance of conserving water. That one simple tip has saved her more money than you would think possible. If you use a rain barrel, you can save approximately 1,300 gallons of water in the summer! Can you imagine how that would help your wallet?

Thank Your Mother for Her Water Wisdom

This Mother’s Day week, we hope that you remember all of the things your mother told you about water. She not only helped you save money, but she made our overall communities better!

There is no need to wait either! Call your mother today, and thank her. Let her know that her time was not misspent, and you know the importance of each lesson she taught you!

From all of us at Rooter MD Plumbing LLC, we wish every mother a very happy Mother’s Day!