Learn How to Save Money on Your Water Bill with this Helpful Guide

You can save money on your water bill for 2018 by making simple changes to your lifestyle that encourage the conservation and recycling of water. However, all of your efforts to save water will be futile if your plumbing and HVAC system is not in good shape because any leaks, condensation or any other type of inefficiency is going to add a dollar to your bill while you try to save pennies by cutting back on your use.

It is crucial that you call a plumber to get these issues fixed right away. Otherwise, there are some simple, yet sweeping lifestyle choices you can make that will save hundreds of dollars on your monthly bill.

Wash Your Car at the Car Wash, Not in Your Driveway

Car WashLivonia, MI residents, are always washing their cars due to dust in the summer and slush splashing everywhere in the winter.

People think that washing your car at home in your driveway is cheaper, but the reality is that it takes much more water, and therefore cash, to get the job done.

You are better off to spend one-fifth of what you would washing your car at a drive-through car wash where recycled greywater is also used to wash the car.

Funnel Greywater into Your Garden with Hoses

Water PlantsHire a plumber to redirect greywater, which is the rinse water left over from doing laundry or dishes, into your garden or yard via a long soaker hose.

Grey water can also be directed into basins and then used when needed or diluted with rainwater that you have collected outside in rain barrels. Grey water can also be used as part of a radiant home heating system.

Take Showers Instead of Baths

ShowerTaking a bath is a bit of an extravagance because it can take a lot of water to fill it. When you take a shower, you are using less the one-third of the water that would be used to fill a bathtub, this can add up to large savings on your water bill in one month.

You should keep in mind that the briefer the shower, the more money you save. Also, take a shower that is eight minutes or less and shut the water off while lathering up your hair or shaving.

Keep an Eye on Your Usage by Reading Your Water Meter

Water LeakIt is crucial for you to keep an eye on your physical water meter, usually encased in cement on the side of the house, to gauge how much water you are using, when you know that know faucet or other water source is engaged.

If you have a jumping needle showing excess water use, it is time to call a plumber and find the source of the leak. A leak can be lurking anywhere in your home, behind a wall, beneath a cupboard and even inside of your toilet tank.

Once the plumber has detected the source of the water leak, he will then consult with you about the measures that you can take to repair or retrofit your pipes and fixtures.

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