Lemonade Stand? You Need Filtered Water

Ah, it’s summer. Your kids are dying to open a lemonade stand, even though you might just be their biggest customer. You helped them whip up a batch of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies that would go amazingly well with sweet, crisp lemonade.

Except without filtered water, that lemonade can taste less-than-pristine. And you might even get some extra ingredients you didn’t really bargain for.

Let’s talk a little about water softeners and water filters, and how they can help you have that perfect, spot-on summer lemonade you (and your kids) have been craving.

Soften Up Your Hard Water

hardwaterHard water can be an absolute menace. It can clog your pipes. Soap scum is a result of hard water. If it’s difficult to lather up with your shampoo and shower gel, that’s probably hard water.

It can leave stains on your glassware and in your sinks and tubs. What’s worse is the effect on your body itself! If your skin is feeling dried out, and your hair crispy, it might not be your lotion or shampoo.

Because hard water leaves a film behind, it can leave your hair and skin feeling more dry and brittle. The good news is you don’t have to live with hard water! You can get water softeners, which remove “hard” ingredients such as calcium and magnesium from the water. This remedies all of the above issues!

Ensure Clean Water Throughout Your Home

wholehousewaterfilterMany people don’t think about this, but it’s actually a great idea to have filtered water throughout your entire house. If you are on municipal water, then think about the chemicals that are used to treat water and make sure it is safe to drink.

Those same chemicals can be harmful to breathe in the air, more so than drinking them. Whole house water filters attach to the main water line of your house, effectively cleaning all of the water in your home. Three popular types of water filters each have advantages and disadvantages.

The least expensive option is a carbon water filter. It is also the best at removing chlorine. A pricier option is the reverse osmosis filter, which uses more water but means you don’t need individual filters for drinking or showering water. Finally, Next Generation Technology combines the best of both: it costs less, uses less water, and leaves the good minerals in.

Is a UV Filter Right For You?

uvwaterfiltersAnother way to filter your entire house is with a UV water filter. It’s an especially cost-efficient way to filter water for smaller homes. It works a little differently than the above systems and removes biological material from your water.

UV lights have germicidal properties and destroy the genetic core of microorganisms. 99.99% of harmful bacteria and bugs are killed in the process and kept from reproducing. E. coli and other viruses are no match for the power of the UV filter.

If you are on well water or some other type of personal water system, consider getting a UV filter to make your water potable. Even if you’re on municipal water, a few parasites could still exist that would be captured by your UV filter.

If you want the purest tasting water, or if you see any signs of harmful water in your house, give us a call. At Rooter MD Plumbing LLC we can help you have the best lemonade around.

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