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Rooter MD PPP Membership Plan (Preferred Partners Plan)


Rooter MD Plumbing LLC has been providing residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC services in Southeast Michigan since 1981. Led by a licensed Master plumber and a HVAC technician, we provide the “cure” for plumbing, heating, and cooling problems - no matter how big or small.

What is the PPP Membership Program?


Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and you need to protect it. Not only that, you have enough headaches in life, so you don’t need a plumbing or HVAC issue adding to it. That’s why Rooter MD Plumbing offers our PPP Membership Plan. It provides year-round peace of mind and cures your plumbing, heating, and cooling headaches!


What are the benefits of the PPP Membership Program?


  • Priority Service You jump to the front of the line and your job will be scheduled ahead of others who are not PPP members!
  • Three Check-ups a year at No Charge Three times a year, one per system, we’ll come out and check your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems to make sure they’re in good working order. We’ll even contact you to set up the appointment to make it easier!
  • 10% Service Discount PPP members enjoy 10% off all plumbing, heating, and cooling service repairs as long as their PPP Membership is active.
  • Waived Dispatch Fee PPP members never pay a dispatch fee, potentially saving hundreds of dollars, and almost covering the membership cost with just one service.
  • Fully Transferable If you sell your home, the program can transfer to the new home.


More Ways You Can Save with PPP Membership!


  • * Fewer plumbing, heating, and cooling repair bills!
  • * Longer life for plumbing, heating, and cooling systems!
  • * Lower utility bills!


What is the Cost of the PPP Membership Program?

The PPP Membership Program is designed to save you from headaches as well as money, and we make it very affordable at $120. That $120 investment can save you much more than that over the course of a year, as shown in the example below:


Service Without PPP Membership With PPP Membership
Annual PPP Membership $0 $120
Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Inspection $298 $0
Dispatch Fee $59 $0
Service Repair (estimated cost) $500 $450

COST                                                   $857                                                $570

How to sign up for the Rooter MD PPP Membership Program

Call us at (248) 888-7777 and we can take care of everything over the phone or join , pay online today, or ask the service tech while at your house providing services.



Why Choose Rooter MD Plumbing LLC?


At Rooter MD Plumbing LLC, we provide high-quality work at a good value. You can expect excellent workmanship and attention to detail with every job.

We want you to feel less stressed, which is why we provide full transparency from start to finish. You will know exactly what to expect with upfront estimates and a full discussion of job details before any work begins.

Our team values your time - we arrive promptly, complete the job using safe and proven methods, and make sure your system is working efficiently before we consider the job done.

Complete Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Heating & Cooling Services


Our full range of plumbing, heating, and cooling services include water heater installations (both traditional and tankless), garbage disposal repair and installation, sump pump repair and installation, drain cleaning, and faucet repair and replacement. We also specialize in heat and AC maintenance and repair services. If you are looking for the most trusted service and maintenance company in the area, call Rooter MD Plumbing LLC.

Keep your plumbing and HVAC systems running flawlessly year round when you become a maintenance plan member. Call 248-888-7777 to speak with one of our helpful advisors and start enjoying greater ease of mind today.