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How To Spot The Most Common Reasons For Water Leaks


Leaks in home plumbing are quite likely to be experienced by every homeowner in America at some point during their residential life. But fortunately, this is not a big emergency that threatens either the home or the residents, and can often be solved easily.

However, that’s only if you take the time to fix a leak when it’s a small problem. Leaks are often like an “early warning system” from your plumbing, trying to tell you that a bigger, more expensive issue is on the way. So why do leaks happen? And how can you ensure good water leak detection?

Leaks Due To Age

Older PipesNothing lasts forever, and even though the plumbing in a home can often provide decades of reliable operation, do not count on it doing so for all time.

Anything that gets old is prone to the vulnerabilities of age, and that includes water and drain pipes.

For example, some old Victorian homes may still be using their original, cast iron drainage pipes, meaning those pipes may be over 100 years old!

Decades of constant handling of water can lead to metal fatigue, which can cause breaks, and eventually leaks.

Corrosion Or Rust

corrosionrust Corrosion is when a pipe wears away due to chemical interactions. Even plastic can do this under the right circumstances, such as people using too much drain cleaner in their sink.

Drain cleaning products contain corrosive substances, which can literally dissolve plastic, so don’t overdo it!

Rust is more common to metal pipes, and can happen after years of interacting with water, either inside or outside the pipe. Rust weakens the metal, layer by layer and can eventually cause leaks, so keep an eye out for it on pipes.

High Water Pressure

Water PressureYou wouldn’t think that something like the water pressure in your pipes would make a difference to your pipe’s lifespan, but you’d be wrong!

Water pressure constantly applies force to your pipes, but, as long as you stick to the tolerance levels they were designed for, your water pipes will serve you well.

However, some people feel that in order to get good, refreshing shower, you need high water pressure, so they turn up the water pressure on their entire plumbing network, just to make sure the pressure is right when it’s coming out of the shower.

Over time, this sustained force can damage pipes, causing them to bend, break and require water leak repair. Instead of setting your entire plumbing system to high water pressure, buy a shower head that pressurizes the water itself, and be kinder to your pipes!

Water Chemistry

Water QualityUnfortunately, this is one factor that you’re unlikely to have a lot of control over. Whatever water you’re receiving from a town or city, that’s the water you’re stuck within your pipes.

This means that if your water has high pH, it might eventually become corrosive and cause a leak. Or if it’s high in calcium, it might cause a build up that can block the pipe and eventually lead to a leak.

Fortunately, water leak repair in Livonia, MI can be easily done. You can either attempt to fix it yourself or have the professionals come in for a quick, easy repair and maybe an inspection to ensure everything else is still in good shape.