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A Deeper Clean Starts with the Water Heater

Proper Maintenance Shouldn’t Go Overlooked

Spring is here, meaning it’s time for spring cleaning. The floors get mopped, and furniture gets dusted, but what about maintaining a unit that runs year-round? Don’t forget about the importance of a clean water heater! This gadget is expensive, so why not give it a little love twice a year to ensure it will work properly for ten years or more?  

The Purpose of Flushing a Water Heaterwater heater

Water is known to contain many different sediments, chemicals, and minerals. Over time, these added particles can collect on the side and bottom of the water tank and pipes, which can cause the water heater to run inefficiently. An inefficient water heater could cause a homeowner's utility bill to skyrocket. 

This is where flushing comes into play. The sediment build-up will break apart by flushing a water heater once or twice a year. Keeping the water heater properly cleaned extends the water heater's lifespan and keeps water bills within an acceptable range.     


Extra Maintenance Tips and Their Benefits

In addition to flushing, a yearly check of the valves and anode rod is essential for a water heater’s longevity while saving homeowners extra cash in the long run. The anode rod is a vital part of the water heater as it keeps the inside of the tank from corroding. The anode rod can be checked by simply unscrewing the rod and looking at the inner tube for signs of build-up or if the magnesium or aluminum of the rod has dissolved. The anode rod should be replaced every three to five years.