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Enjoy These Family-Friendly Independence Day Activities!

Prepare the Kitchen for Fourth of July Festivities!

The Fourth of July is only a few weeks away, which means fun festivities are just around the corner! Homeowners and their families will soon be gearing up to celebrate Independence Day in style. People can prepare themselves for the festivities to get the kitchen ready with some family fun activities.

In particular, homeowners and their families can bond by preparing some Independence Day desserts, gathering cookout supplies, and finding some entertainment options for when the holiday comes. Read on for all the best recommendations for family-friendly activities this Fourth of July!

Bake Color-Themed Desserts

Color-themed desserts are a great family-friendly activity that can also help homeowners get ready to welcome guests. What colors? Red, white and blue of course! Several different fun dessert options can cater to both the healthy and the unhealthy. Try out some of these ideas:

  • Colorful cupcakes - white-frosted cupcakes with red and blue decorations can make for a beautiful and delicious treat
  • Fruits and cream - raspberries, blueberries, and whipped cream are a healthy and patriotic dessert
  • Glazed cake - lemon bundt cake with a red, white, and blue glaze will be a real hit

There are endless other options as well, so choose some favorites and get started with the family!

Watch Patriotic Moviesmovies

Of course, what makes patriotic desserts even better? Eating them while watching patriotic movies! Nothing beats a big bucket of popcorn, soda, and a sweet dessert while watching a movie. Try searching for some Fourth of July films like National Treasure, Top Gun, Independence Day, or Pearl Harbor.

Not sure which ones to show to the guests when the time comes? Well, nothing helps the family bond better than a movie-fest! In the days leading up to the Fourth of July, have nightly watch parties and see which films get the highest votes among all family members. Homeowners should also be sure to equip their homes with movie snacks to keep everyone satisfied!

Gear Up for Cookoutsdesserts

Finally, it probably will not surprise that the kitchen will be a popular spot for Fourth of July preparations. Not only will the kitchen be used for pre-cookout food prep, but it will also be used for dishwashing and cleanup after the partying wraps up. As such, ensuring that the kitchen is functioning properly and efficiently is of utmost importance.

A kitchen malfunction of any sort can really spoil Independence Day celebrations. Issues with the sinks or drains, for example, can lead to very nasty backups. Issues with the water filtration system can hamper those refreshing summer drinks. Issues with the dishwasher can really prolong cleanups.

Homeowners should consider hiring professionals to do an overall plumbing inspection in the kitchen. They should also consider upgrading their appliances if any of them are old or consistently malfunctioning. The investment now can surely save some serious headaches in the future!

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