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Ever Wondered if You Should Try Installing an Electric Water Heater?

To Install or Not to Install an Electric Water Heater

Thanks to the internet, people thrive on DIY. Want a rustic farmhouse table? DIY it! Need to redo the cushions on your couch? DIY. Want to make your own laundry detergent? DIY again for the win. There are, however, some things that can’t and shouldn’t be DIYed. Installing an electric water heater is one of them.

Certain things in life are simply safer and more reliably done by the pros who have the training and expertise to do them right. When it comes to your water heater, that’s a fact.

Water heater installations not only require plumbing skills but also when it comes to an electric unit, your home’s electrical system is also involved. This article will explain some important factors that may help deter you from trying your hand at a new water heater install.

How Do Electric Water Heaters Work?

water heaterElectric water heaters are not as widely used as regular water heaters but are gaining in popularity due to their ability to produce nearly instant hot water. Rather than running the water and wasting gallons while you wait for it to heat, hot water heaters produce hot water on demand.

At the press of a button, the unit heats your water and in thirty seconds to a minute, you can turn on your hot water tap and have hot water at the ready.

If having instant hot water is a priority for your household, electric water heaters could be a very good investment. They also help save on your water bill due to the reduced need to run your tap when wanting hot water.

What Safety Concerns Are There?

Electric water heaters in and of themselves are safe to use. They are also safe to install - by the professionals. If homeowners without any electrical experience try to take on the job of installing an electric water heater on their own, they face numerous safety hazards. Due to the electrical connection, electrical shock from incorrect wiring is a significant issue. One misplaced wire and you can also expose yourself and your household to fire and even explosions.

safety dangers

If not properly installed, you can experience electrical shorts, issues with water heating, burns, and scalding hot water. Additionally, if your new water heater isn’t compatible with your existing electrical panel or connection, you can easily overload your system, leading to major repair costs and headaches. Needless to say, you should always think about water heater safety first, and the risks associated with the DIY installation of electric water heaters simply aren’t worth it.

Skip the DIY - Call a Plumber

call usThe only way to have your electric water heater installed correctly and stay within the warranty is by calling a professional plumber. Plumbers have years of experience, knowledge, and training to accurately, efficiently, and safely install your electric water heater.

A licensed and bonded plumber will also carry insurance to protect against any potential injuries or damages caused when on the job. Most electric water heaters come with warranties that are only valid if installed properly by a licensed technician.

The fastest way to void your warranty is by trying to install it yourself. Plumbers are trained for this type of job, often have specific licensing, and know exactly what issues to avoid during the installation process. Calling a plumber is the safest and best way to guarantee the proper installation of your electric water heater.

Trusted, Expert Plumbers

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