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Focusing on Gas Safety for National Wellness Month

Guarding Against the Dangers of Gas Leaks in or around the Home

Natural gas is an excellent fuel. It is clean burning and is nearly as essential to some homes as the electricity. When working properly, it can do everything from heating food to drying clothes. When there is an issue with the natural gas pipes, however, the result can be deadly. This information should not paralyze a homeowner but should be an incentive to make regular checks on the state of a home’s natural gas plumbing. 

What To Look For

Several key signs indicate a possible gas leak. Some are more obvious, while some require a certain amount of vigilance and observation. 

  • Noises: If hissing or whistling sounds come from the gas pipes, this is a clear indication of a leak. 
  • Odors: The distinct odor of rotten eggs lingers in the air. The sulfurous smell of the methane that is mixed with the odorless natural gas is meant as a warning and should be taken as such.
  • Dying Vegetation: Are potted plants in certain areas withering while others thrive? Are there spots of brown grass near the gas meter? Again this is a sign that the plants are being exposed to gas and poisoned or suffocated.
  • Soap Bubble Test: Putting a mix of soap and water into a spray bottle and spritzing this mixture onto the gas lines will show a gas leak very quickly. If new bubbles form on the pipes from the soapy solution, there is definitely a leak.
  • Human Symptoms: Inhabitants can also experience headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, and fatigue.

Procedures To Followphone

When a person suspects that there may be a gas leak, there are clear rules to follow. No one but trained professionals should try to fix this problem. For the ordinary person, the procedure goes like this:
  1. Gather whoever is in the house.
  2. Open windows.
  3. Go outside immediately.
  4. Call the gas company regarding the leak and follow their instructions.
  5. Stay out of the house until the professionals say it is safe to return.

People should never hesitate to act if they suspect a gas leak. Companies will be thankful for vigilant citizens trying to prevent harm to people and property damage to their town, even if there is no leak. False alarms are better than explosions.

Calling the Professionals: Gas Leak Detectionplumber

Because most gas leaks are quite small, they may not be detected by the human nose. If a gas line has had a great deal of use, then corrosion is likely. One cannot prevent this entirely because of the nature of gas and pipes, but if caught early, one can protect the household from disaster. 

Calling professionals for regular inspections is very important. Technicians use special detection equipment to find possible leaks, such as a combustible gas leak detector that can recognize and identify the gases present. If they are found, one can turn off the gas supply, vent the gas in the lines, and make repairs. 

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