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Get the New Year Started Right With a New Water Heater!

Tankless Water heater Installation Is This Year’s Resolution 

Whether customers go with a tankless water heater this year or another type of water heater installation, now is the time to do it! The new year just started, and what hits that fresh start button more than a brand new water heater? Water heaters rarely need attention from homeowners or professionals, but they require yearly maintenance to last as long as possible. 

That said, when symptoms start popping up between maintenance visits, it is probably time to look at water heater replacement. Three common symptoms point to the need for a water heater replacement, and they are listed below. 

The Tank Is Leakingtank

When the current water heater tank starts to leak, there is no better time for homeowners to invest in tankless water heater installation. A tankless water heater is great for many reasons, one being that homeowners no longer have to worry about a leaky tank. Tankless water heaters also seem to run more efficiently and have longer-lasting hot water than traditional water heaters. 

Of course, homeowners will want to call a professional to ensure a replacement is necessary because water heater tank repair is also a viable option. However, when the tank starts to leak, it is usually a sign that water heater replacement is in the near future. 

Here are a few things to look for to know if the water heater tank is leaking: 

  • A puddle surrounding the water heater
  • The water heater making unusual noises
  • Seems like the water heater is constantly running 
  • The water heater temperature becomes inconsistent 

The Age and Maintenance Schedule

Water heater maintenance is crucial and can be the difference in a long-lasting water heater, and once that needs to be replaced before its manufactured lifespan is up. That said, age always plays a role in whether or not it is time to throw in the towel and invest in a water heater replacement. 

Professional maintenance can only do so much for a water heater. Once it reaches its life expectancy, homeowners should begin thinking about a replacement. 

To continue, a water heater that has never been professionally maintained will more than likely have more frequent breakdowns that will lead to its inevitable demise. The more a water heater needs to be repaired, the sooner it will be replaced. It is that simple. 

water Discolored Water

Finally, dealing with discolored water is also a major sign that it is time for water heater replacement. Discolored or rust-colored water will often be the first sign that homeowners see before calling in a professional for help. One should never consume rust-colored water as it can lead to several illnesses, especially with prolonged exposure. 

Still, homeowners could likely prevent dealing with this problem altogether if they stick to a regular maintenance schedule and have the water heater replaced before it breaks down completely. Homeowners can listen for unusual noises and periodically check the water heater for leaks to hopefully reduce damage costs and repair or replace the water heater before expensive issues arise. 

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