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How To Find a Hidden Pipe Leak

Three Things To Know About Finding an Underground Leak 

The internet is full of do-it-yourself tips. Want to get rid of a pesky clog? There’s an article for that. Want to install a new showerhead? Help’s just a YouTube video away. But repairing a hidden water leak is best left to the professionals. 

Underground water pipe repair is a specialized field requiring the insight of a trained expert. It can require digging up the yard, using sophisticated technology, and relying on years of experience. But what homeowners can do is learn the signs of an underground leak so they can call a professional to get it repaired before more damage can occur.  

Knowing the Signs of a Hidden Water Leak bill

Recognizing the signs of an underground plumbing issue is critical to a home’s structural integrity. If one waits too long to address this problem, they risk further damage to the home’s foundation, mold growth, and other issues. 

That being said, some signs of an underground water leak include: 

  • Sinkholes or sagging parts of the lawn 
  • Foul odors coming from one area of the home or yard 
  • High water bills 
  • Poor water pressure or inconsistent hot water 


Monitoring the Home’s Water Consumption and Checking the Water Meter 

Here are two additional ways to catch an underground water leak: 

  • Assessing the home’s water use: Homeowners should have a general idea of how much water their home uses each day. According to the EPA, the average American uses about 82 gallons of water a day. This relates to day-to-day operations such as bathing, washing dishes, and cooking. If a home uses more than this, it could point to an underlying problem. 
  • Checking the water meter: Every home has a water meter that measures how much water the home uses in a certain period. To check how much water the home uses, one should first write down the number on the meter. Then, they should turn off the home’s water supply for a few hours. If they notice that the number increases, this is likely due to a hidden leak under the house. 


Understanding the Importance of a Trained Professional 

As noted, DIY underground water leak repairs can go wrong fast. Here are some reasons to leave it to a trained professional: 

  • Inexperienced waterline repair can lead to serious damage: Imagine a do-it-yourselfer trying to locate and fix an underground leak. They think they know where it is, so they start digging and digging. Soon, they’ve dug up the entire yard and are no closer to finding that mysterious leak, assuming the problem’s a leak in the first place. The homeowner has wasted precious time, but they’ve also destroyed their yard and possibly, the plumbing system. 
  • Unprofessional remedies can cause health problems: Suppose the do-it-yourselfer has found the leak. They turn off the waterline, remove the leaking pipe, and seemingly fix the issue. Then, a few days later, they’re in the emergency room. What's the connection? Waterline professionals need specialized equipment to protect themselves from harmful bacteria, such as E. coli. Exposure to bacteria just beneath the surface can make the sewer line problem pale in comparison to an avoidable illness. 


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