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Let's Play a Game and Get to Know 3 Common Plumbing Tools!

Ready to Play… the Plumbing Game!

Learning about plumbing and tools from a professional plumber doesn’t have to be boring or cause homeowners to fall asleep! Finding fun ways to communicate with others, like playing a game show, is a great way to educate and inform.

Pick a door and meet the first contestant!

Contestant #1: Drain Snakessnakes

Drain snakes are used for smaller drains like bathroom and kitchen sinks that are 1 ¼” to 2”. A similar tool is a drain auger and this is used for larger drains like a shower or toilet drain that is 1 ½” to 3”. (Pipes that are 4” or larger usually don’t become clogged and have problems with tree roots growing through them so professional plumbing equipment is usually required for this situation.)

Both drain snakes and augers are used for punching through a clog to loosen it or grab the blockage source and pull it out. Styles available are hand-cranked, plug-in, or cordless.  

Drain snakes usually have shorter or smaller diameter cables because they are used for smaller jobs. Augers have thicker cables with a larger tip to clear larger areas and blockages.

wrenchesContestant #2: Wrenches

The words wrenches and pliers are often used interchangeably, but there are differences between these two tools. Wrenches are used to fit onto regular, precisely shaped items like nuts, bolts, and pipes. Pliers are used for odd-shaped items where one can’t use wrenches. 

Adjustable wrenches, also known as crescent wrenches, prevent the need to carry around a standard and metric set of wrenches to suit every household need. The jaws of this wrench can be opened or closed to fit the intended use. Have a 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” adjustable wrench available for plumbing purposes.

A pipe wrench is the stereotypical “plumber’s wrench” because its intended use is threaded steel and iron pipes. The serrated jaws are adjustable for different size pipes and can grip the toughest pipes.”

Contestant #3: Safety Equipment

In every plumber’s tool bag/box is safety equipment for the job, like goggles that can be used when replacing pipes, working under drains, or soldering. 

Different kinds of gloves can protect against chemicals, heat/flame, or biohazard materials that could be stuck in pipes. 

Face masks and respirators can keep dust, germs, and chemicals from being inhaled during work. One should keep detection sensors on hand for carbon monoxide, smoke, and gas. 

Back and knee protection can prevent work-related injuries. 

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