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The 3 Top Tips to Prevent a Nasty Washing Machine Smell

What’s Causing Your Washing Machine to Smell?

There's nothing quite like the fresh aroma of clean laundry, but what happens when it doesn't come out smelling so fresh? Maybe you have a funky washing machine smell wafting from your laundry room. Maybe you get a huge whiff of something nasty when you open the door to the washing machine.

Or maybe your clean clothes are coming out more stinky than they went in. Don’t worry! Many people struggle with this issue. You are not alone. And no, you don't need to retire your washing machine to the local dump. A washing machine smell can happen for a number of different reasons and this article will explain 3 ways to prevent it from happening to you.

How To Prevent Soap Scum On Your Drum

soap scumPeople often think of soap as being something that makes things clean, but it can also be the culprit behind your unwanted washing machine smell. Using the wrong kind of detergent for your washing machine, using too much detergent, or using liquid fabric softener when your machine wasn’t made for it can create soap scum.

When this happens, the washing machine simply isn’t pushing enough water through to remove all of the suds or softener. The leftover detergent or softener clings to the drum that spins your clothing and creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Since high-efficiency washers use less water than traditional washing machines, this can be a common problem.

Less water combined with inappropriate soap or softener allows for the problematic soap scum, mold, and mildew to form while the smell grows stronger as stronger. A way to combat this is to ensure you're using detergents and softeners that are made for your type of washing machine.

Wet Clothes Create Odors Fast

Another common reason you may have a washing machine smell is from leaving wet clothing in the machine too long. Wet fabric lumped together inside the washing machine without being promptly put into the dryer is a breeding ground for bacteria.

leaving wet clothing

This is what causes your sniffer to know there’s a problem. By ensuring you’re not leaving wet clothing in the washing machine long after it’s finished, you’ll protect both your nose and your machine.

How A Hidden Clog Could Be Causing A Stench

hidden clogThe most elusive of all the washing machine smell culprits is the possibility of a hidden clog. Does your machine shake violently during the spin cycle? Is it draining more slowly than normal? Have you exhausted all other options of where this vile stench could be coming from? You may have a hidden washing machine clog.

Your washing machine has hoses that bring in freshwater and a drain that lets out dirty water. If your drain is blocked by a hidden clog, dirty water can get trapped behind your washing machine causing a foul odor.

A hidden clog not only causes a washing machine smell but also means your clothes may not be getting rinsed as well as they should be. Nobody wants to have stinky “clean” clothes or a vulgar smell emanating from their laundry room, but if you follow these 3 easy tips, your washing machine smell will be gone for good.

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