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The 5 Best Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Plumbers!

The Best of The Best in Plumbing Costumes

Halloween is beloved by many as an excellent excuse to eat candy, have fun with friends, and dress up in comical costumes. Speaking of costumes, it’s a perfect time to pay homage to the plumbing profession hilariously.

How, you ask? With Halloween plumber costumes, of course! Plumbing industry technicians took a poll, and below are 5 of their favorites for you to enjoy!

For Those Who Love Both Halloween and Christmas

Santa Plumber is one of those costumes that can appeal to many and delight those who can’t decide whether Halloween or Christmas is their favorite holiday.

Whoever dons this get-up this Halloween is sure to be a big hit and score all the candy.

One of the Most Beloved Plumbers of All Time

Mama Mia! When you think plumbing, does Mario the Plumber come to mind? It probably does for a lot of people - he’s the most famous and beloved plumber ever!

You can’t miss Mario's signature red and blue jumpsuit and smooth mustache, and what’s not to love about his adorable pal Yoshi?

A Creative Toilet Services Costume

Halloween is a great excuse to get creative with costumes for your kids. It’s also a good time to recognize everything people love about modern-day plumbing.

toilet costume

This little girl decided to dress up as one of the most recognized plumbing elements - the toilet! What a great idea! She definitely didn’t flush her dreams of candy down the toilet with this great Halloween toilet services costume.

One of the Best Costumes this Halloween - Baby Plumber!

One of the most challenging parts of dressing babies for Halloween night is actually keeping them comfortable and the outfit in place. Not with this adorable baby plumber costume!

baby plumber

In this oh-so-cute rendition of Mario, this baby can cuddle with mom and stay warm during the crisp Fall weather. This costume was sure to get all the “oohs” and “awwwws” during trick-or-treating.

Check Out This Cute Doggy Plumber

Your pup is part of your family - so, why not dress them up this Halloween? There are endless possibilities to dressing up your dog, like... a doggy plumber, like the one on this furry canine, is a perfect idea.

plumbing dog

Not only do dogs look hilariously cute when they’re dressed up in human-esque costumes, but paying homage to the plumbing profession is bonus points! This dog is all set to score some Halloween dog treats this holiday!

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