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The Strategic Ways That Professional Plumbers Use to Fix a Toilet

Some Basics About How to Fix a Toilet

Plumbers use a variety of tools and skills to perform many of the tasks that they complete throughout their normal course of business. From unclogging drains to repairing leaking pipes and installing water heaters, plumbers rely on different materials and tools to get their job done. When it comes to toilets, there are some common plumbing tools and tricks that professionals use to repair, unclog or install toilets. Here is an overview of some toilet basics from professionals.

What’s Involved in Repairing Toilets

repairing toiletSome of the most common issues with toilets are a bad flapper valve, a leaking tank, low water pressure, and phantom flushes. Each of these issues involves different parts of the toilet and different types of repairs.

Nevertheless, most plumbers will begin this process with some basic tools like long-nose pliers, an adjustable wrench, and slip-joint pliers.

Depending on the type of repair necessary, some additional parts and tools might be needed. However, for most toilet repairs, a prepared plumber will have everything needed to successfully complete the repair.

Additional Tools for Unclogging

If your toilet is clogged, the first line of defense is a basic plunger. If that doesn’t clear the clog, many plumbers will try the bucket of water trick. This involves dumping a bucket of water as quickly as possible into the toilet. For many clogs, the force from the sudden burst of water will clear the pipe and enable water to flow normally. If not, it might be necessary to snake the pipes.

tools for unclogging

A plumbing snake is a metal cable that you insert into the piping to remove a clog. At the end of the cable is an auger. Your plumber will insert the snake into your pipe until it makes contact with the obstruction and then will use the auger to clear it out. While snaking pipes can be effective, the process can cause damage to pipes or fixtures if not done correctly. As a result, a plumbing snake is a tool that should only be used by an experienced professional.

The Process of Replacing a Toilet

replacing a toiletRemoving an old toilet and installing a new toilet is not an easy or quick process. In most cases, a plumber will need an adjustable wrench, a hacksaw blade, a bucket, a putty knife, caulk, a wax ring, and a sponge.

When installing a toilet, it’s important that all parts are done correctly so that the toilet will work properly and won’t leak or cause any water damage. It’s not a simple process and definitely a project that’s best left for someone with the necessary experience and knowledge.

When dealing with toilets, plumbers are called on to handle a variety of issues and projects. They use a wide range of tools and need extensive experience to ensure that this essential part of your plumbing system is working properly. If you have any concerns about your bathroom plumbing or need to have your toilet repaired or replaced, call a professional to make sure that the job is done correctly.

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