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Tips and Tricks To Get the Pipes Ready for Winter

Things Homeowners Should Know About Pipe Winterization 

Pipe winterization is the process of ensuring the plumbing system is ready for the winter. The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is frozen pipes. A frozen pipe leads to a burst pipe, and a burst pipe means an expensive repair bill. Pipe insulation is the answer and the number one way to keep pipes from freezing during the cold months. There are several different benefits it provides, but the number one benefit is how well it helps prevent the need for burst pipe repair. 

Below is more information about the dangers of burst pipes and why pipe insulation is so important. 

Avoid Burst Pipes At All Costs!pipe

A burst pipe is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a plumbing system. When a pipe is leaking and isn’t fixed in time, it will eventually burst. From there, it is like a domino effect. One burst pipe adds stress to the rest of the plumbing system and leads to multiple burst pipes. Before they know it, homeowners are looking at paying for a whole-home repiping

The single best way to avoid burst pipes altogether is to have the piping system regularly cleaned and maintained. Homeowners can also have professionals perform camera inspections of the piping system so they can see what the inside of their pipes looks like. Having this service done relatively often ensures the homeowner and plumber are aware of the natural wear and tear of the piping system and can have problem areas replaced before dangerous scenarios occur. 

Experiencing a burst pipe in the winter is even worse because of the freezing temperatures. That’s why it is always best to stay on top of maintenance. 

Insulating Pipes Is the Answerpipes

One of the best ways to winterize the piping system is to make sure the pipes are insulated. If they aren’t, homeowners should have them insulated before the cold weather officially hits. If the pipes are already insulated, homeowners should have a professional check them to ensure it still works properly and nothing needs to be replaced before the winter. 

Insulating pipes for winter has a lot of benefits, including: 

  • Reduces heat lost in piping during the winter
  • Lowers the energy bill and water bill
  • Protects pipes from freezing temperatures
  • Protects pipes from swelling and contracting that could lead to leaks
  • Protects against burst pipes
  • Reduces repair costs

More Tips To Prevent Burst Pipes

There are a slew of other things homeowners can do to help protect their pipes from freezing temperatures and thus avoid burst pipes as well. 

Some other great tips include: 

  • Keeping faucets running at a slow drip during extremely cold temperatures or when the family isn’t home 
  • Seal any leaks before the cold hits
  • Maintain indoor temperature
  • Keep interior doors and cabinets open
  • Install a space heater in naturally cooler rooms

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