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Water Hammer Keeping You Up at Night?

House Feeling Haunted By Loud Bangs In the Walls?

That banging noise in the walls is more likely to be hydraulic shock in the pipes than an angry ghost. Hydraulic shock is another term for water hammer, the loud banging noises that happen when there is a system malfunction causing water to slam into a closed valve in the pipes. To know for sure if hydraulic shock is causing the noises, homeowners should have a trusted local plumber inspect plumbing systems making loud and unusual noises.

What Is Water Hammer?

Most water systems use valves to control the flow of water. Sometimes these valves malfunction, causing them to close while the water is still rushing through or before the water hits it. When this happens, the water has nowhere to go, and the impact causes a surge of pressure through the system. This surge can go beyond what the pipes can withstand, leading to ruptured and leaking pipes. 

A professional plumber should always install new water systems to ensure that the valves are not improperly installed. Malfunctioning valves can be a sign of a DIY plumbing project gone wrong. One can find multiple different valves in water systems, and it will take an experienced plumbing repair company to figure out which valve is broken and repair it. 

The Spooky Dangers of Water Hammerwater hammer

It is not safe to ignore the noises created by hydraulic surges. When the pressure inside of the pipes gets too much, the pipes can burst. Not only do burst pipes cause expensive to fix water damage, but it is also a safety hazard. People could slip and fall in the puddling water. Still, the biggest risk is electrocution if the water reaches electrical wiring in the walls and ceiling because water is such a powerful conductor of electricity. 

The property damage from water hammer can be extensive if a pipe ruptures. One can compromise the structural integrity of ceilings and walls from rot due to water exposure. If the water gets into the electrical system, it can shut that down as well. It can lead to the house having no electricity or running water until the problem is fixed. Doing routine plumbing services such as flushing the system and checking the valves will help prevent water hammer. 

Can Water Hammer Be Stopped?plumber

An experienced plumber is the best resource for homeowners who are struggling with water hammer in their plumbing. A plumbing repair company may recommend a variety of solutions, such as replacing outdated plumbing, adjusting the water pressure, and installing pressure regulators. 

Valves may need to be replaced or adjusted. A common culprit for water hammer if there is no issue with the valve itself is that the water pressure could be too high. Turning down the water pressure may solve the issue. There are air chamber water systems that are built to prevent hydraulic surges. It is smart to fix water hammer as soon as possible to prevent the problem from becoming more costly to repair as it worsens. 

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