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What Are the Signs of a Water Leak?

3 Ways to Detect Water Leaks 

Water leaks can be quickly resolved when homeowners know what signs to look for. In some circumstances, there isn’t a need to have an expert in plumbing to suspect a water leak. There are several basic signs to look out for when determining the occurrence of a water leak. The most obvious signs will be visible water damage around the leak, mold, and puddles of water. 

Some signs aren’t so obvious. This article will discuss more warning signs to look out for that indicate a water leak. Once homeowners notice one of these signs and suspect a leak, they should reach out to a professional to locate the leak, make sure there aren't any more, and fix it. 

Sign 1: Hissing or Running Water Sounds 

One way to determine if there is a leak is to listen for different sounds while none of the plumbing is in use. Sounds like running water, hissing, or dripping while no one in the house is using the plumbing can be a telltale sign that a water leak has occurred. 

Hissing sounds can occur due to high pressure in the pipes, leading to a leak. Professionals urge that these pipes receive immediate attention as the leaks caused by high water pressure must be sealed as soon as possible. The longer leaks are neglected, the more damage that can occur. Running water sounds are also a sign of a water leak. If no plumbing fixtures or appliances are running, the noises could be caused by leaks from a toilet or water heater. 

There are numerous ways to confirm the presence of a leak, like checking the water meter or calling a plumber, as they have several techniques available to find leaks. It’s suggested that homeowners refrain from trying to fix the issues themselves as they could cause further damage and contact a professional as soon as possible. 

Sign 2: Low Water Pressure 

water Low water pressure is one of the more obvious signs of a water leak. This is because when there are leaks in the pipes, not all traveling water will arrive at the faucet, shower, hose, or wherever it’s coming out. Blockage can also cause these issues, so it’s important to take the proper steps to determine what is causing the low water pressure issue. 

One way to detect if the low water pressure is caused by a leak is to shut off the water supply and check the household water meter. If the water usage has continued after a few hours when no water has been used, there is a high chance of a water leak.

Sign 3: The Occurrence of Higher Water Bills

billsAn unusual increase in the water bill is another sign of a leak. To avoid this, look for signs of a leak and issues like a continuously running toilet and leaks from faucets, hoses, and shower heads and get them fixed immediately. While it may not seem like an issue if a faucet drips a little bit every day, research shows that a faucet can waste over 20 gallons of water a day if not fixed. That wasted 20 gallons of water will surely increase the water bill. 

As mentioned earlier, some dangers can come from leaks besides higher bills from wasting water. Even a small leak can cause mold, rust, and water damage. Experts suggest contacting a plumber as soon as possible to save money and avoid further water damage throughout the home.

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