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Upgrade Your Bathroom Plumbing With New Technology


Technology is everywhere - from our phones to our cars - and now even our bathrooms! Bathroom plumbing has recently started a technological renaissance. What was once the simplest rooms in our home that only served a limited purpose - is now an oasis of automation and comfort.

With the help of a reliable plumbing company like Rooter MD Plumbing LLC, you can upgrade the bathroom plumbing in your Livonia home for less! Read on to learn a little bit more about the technological options you have for your home.

Digital Showers Put The Control in Your Hand

“digitalshowers”While most homeowners are used to adjusting the temperature an inch at a time to find that perfect sweet spot, what if you could just automatically set it that way to begin with?

Digital showers are essentially a smart computer for your shower. With one of these controllers installed you’ll be able to adjust just about every element of your shower.

From the temperature of the water to what jets are used, and even how long you’re in there, you’ll have complete control over the entire experience. You can also upgrade the shower head and jets, as well as creating a complete experience in your bathroom.

Replace Old Fixtures With High-Tech Faucets

“hightechfaucets”One of the first areas to show wear in your bathroom is going to be the faucets and fixtures. From rust to water stains, and even low water pressure, an old faucet can be more than just an annoyance. High-tech faucets not only add an upgraded look to your bathroom but also they help protect your plumbing system.

When older fixtures are installed they may lead to water leaks, low water pressure, or the risk for damage to your sinks and counters. High-tech faucets have adjustable water pressure and even add useful upgrades like lighting and one-touch capability, so you don’t even have to turn the handle if you don’t want to.

Create a Healing Environment With Automated Music & Chromotherapy

What if your bathroom was more than just a place to shower and instead could actually help you heal after a long work week? Automated music and chromotherapy elevates your bathroom plumbing and instead creates an oasis in your home that can help:


  • - Alleviate headaches
  • - Reduce stress
  • - Help with your mood
  • - Increase your energy
  • - Improve your productivity

These systems are created to stimulate you via light and music. As you spend more time with these programs, you’ll enjoy a calming and relaxing environment that everyone deserves in their home.

Help The Environment With Eco-Friendly Toilets

“ecofriendly”Technology is not only a way to improve your comfort but also it can help you reduce your environmental footprint. If your old toilet is ready for a replacement, why not install something that can help the environment too? Eco-friendly toilets are designed to use less water without sacrificing your comfort of functionality.

With the help of an expert plumber, you can have one of these installed in your home quickly and ensure that your bathroom plumbing is in good working order to operate with all your technological upgrades.