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Frozen Pipes: How it happens and what can be done to avoid it

Winter weather can cause many problems for homeowners throughout metro Detroit. Homes are vulnerable to certain plumbing issues during the winter, causing all kinds of problems as homeowners try to protect their homes from damages. Frozen water pipes are one of Michigan homeowner’s biggest problems One of the biggest issues we see for homeowners during



Is Copper Or Plastic Piping Right For Me?

How often have you sat and contemplated the age-old question of which one is better, a copper or plastic plumbing system? We all do this from time to time, I’ll bet. Unfortunately, you may not have found the answer to your question yet! This is why we are here! We are going to shed some



Lemonade Stand? You Need Filtered Water

Ah, it’s summer. Your kids are dying to open a lemonade stand, even though you might just be their biggest customer. You helped them whip up a batch of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies that would go amazingly well with sweet, crisp lemonade. Except without filtered water, that lemonade can taste less-than-pristine. And you might