Livonia Backflow Testing and Certification

Trustworthy backflow testing and certification for Livonia, MI homeowners.

In the event of a backflow emergency, your water supply can become contaminated. The real danger lies in the fact that contaminated water often looks and smells the same as your safe water, which is why backflow prevention services are so vital in the area.

When it comes to working with backflow testing companies, Livonia, MI homeowners trust the experienced professionals at Rooter MD Plumbing LLC. With 36 years in the business, we know what to look for when providing exceptional backflow testing and certification services.

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What Causes Backflow?

Backflow is characterized by a reversal in the flow of water through your main water line. There are a few issues that commonly cause it to happen:

Back Siphonage: This occurs when the water pressure in your tank or trough is lower than the water system. This could occur during a power outage, water main burst, or when a fire hydrant in the area is in use.

Back Pressure: If the pressure is also too high, it could also cause backflow.

Backflow is dangerous because your water lines are not meant to accommodate water flowing back into the system. The pipe is a one-way pipe only. It’s also dangerous because backflow can allow harmful chemicals and contaminants into your water, impacting your family in a negative way.

What is Included in Backflow Testing Services?

The best way to reduce the risk of backflow affecting your home is by using a backflow testing device. The most common device consists of a flap that remains open as long as the water is flowing in the right direction. As soon as the water changes direction, the flap covers the pipe and seals, effectively preventing any contaminated water from entering your home.

If you suspect backflow, it’s important to call a backflow testing company to make sure your device worked properly and caught the problem. Upon arriving, we will inspect the device and take it apart, making sure it did its job. From there, we will reset the device so it’s ready to keep you protected in the future.

We will also test your water to make sure there was no contamination. If the water comes back positive for chemicals or contaminants, we will flush the system until the water is clean and safe again.

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